Sunday, March 15, 2015

Part 125

"Boots?  You take her Moe's.  He'll fix her up," the petite Asian woman practically ordered.

Josie asked, "Moe is here?"

Carol bobbed her head in a yes as she walked away.  "He come by this morning to let us know.  You take her to Moe's," she said basically dismissing us so she could get to work.

Josie jerked her head in a "let's go" motion so I followed her in a direction I had not gone yet.  Curious I asked, "Who's this Moe?"

"Looks like a pirate ... eye patch and everything.  Even has a stuffed parrot in a cage.  Guy is supremely crazy but it's where most of the women go."

"Why?" I asked thinking if the guy was crazy that's the last place I would want to shop.

"Because he doesn't put up with crap.  Before winter set in and most of the sutlers closed up shop for the season there was this girl ... she is in another unit now that has since been transferred down south so you won't meet her ... anyway she got the holy living crap beat out of her by a couple of guys in her unit.  Guys said she started it, had been after them, liked it rough, same old crap guys always say.  Of course she said different, that they started it and so on.  Her unit commander at the time was a complete ass and wouldn't do anything about it and it just kept getting worse.  The guys in that unit kept getting bolder and started following her everywhere and giving her a hard time ... giving just about all women they ran into a hard time.  Even got to the point that MSgt. Shadwell had to say something to the other commander which of course he blew off.  One day a couple of the jerks involved in the original attack followed this chick into Moe's place and started feeling her up and then got rough ... pinching, lifting her shirt, really harrassing her.  Moe told them to get out.  They told him to **** off, that she wanted it no matter what she was saying, that they could tell by the way she acted.  Moe told them to leave again.  The took a swing at him ... and the medics had to carry them out on stretchers and then come back and collect a few pieces they had forgotten.  The incident came to the Area Commander's attention and there was an inquiry and a few heads rolled and now every woman at base takes all her business to Moe's when she can."

I shrugged.  "Ok ... Moe is one of the good guys."

"Hell no.  Moe doesn't just look like a pirate, he probably was one.  The last thing ol' Moe is is a good guy."

"That makes no sense."

Josie shrugged.  "If you got any sense you'll understand after you meet him."

I followed her to an area that reminded me of a maze.  Tents and wagons of all shapes, sizes, and conditions were set up in roped off "streets" that had names like Dry Goods Alley or Hardware Alley.  Every time I tried to stop and look at something Josie would rush me along.

I complained, "I'm just looking."

"Look on your own time.  I gotta get back so that Gayle can go restock our med supplies."

"I didn't ask to be babysat," I growled.

"Nope but you got it anyway until we're sure everybody knows that your ours."

"Your what?"

Josie chunkled.  "Just ours.  We've got a rep to protect Pip and we're damn tired of doing our own cooking.  Let's leave it at that."

"Oh fine.  I still don't need to be babysat.  I sixteen for goodness sake."

Josie being Josie completely ignored me and then pointed to a tent.  "C'mon.  I'm gonna get you settled, make sure that Moe won't steal you blind and then leave you to your looking."

We walked over to a tent that wasn't the rattiest one on the strip but was far from the best looking.  Hanging on a pole right outside the canopy was a really nasty looking stuffed parrot that had definitely seen better days and some fake vines with even faker plastic hibiscus flowers stuck into the greenery.

The tent was empty when we entered it so Josie called out, "Yo Moe!  You around you gnarly old pirate?!"

I was looking around trying to figure out what I was supposed to be buying because there wasn't anying on the tables when a man walked in and said, "Ain't open for business ye ... er ... uh ... holy ****."

I swallowed and turned and if my life had been a cartoon my jaw would have hit the the dirt.  The man bellowed, "****!!  Woman, get in here!  I think I've gone blind in my other eye!"


  1. Someone from the city? From the camp? Her army boy *wink wink nudge*?

    Crud, I'm going to have to completely re-read this one to remember earlier characters. So much has happened, it feels like it's 3 or 4 different stories, lol!

  2. Oh, my goodness, all this weekend work!! You're going to spoil us, but go ahead I can take it !

    Thanks Kathy.

  3. Kathy, enjoying this story and appreciate the work you put into all your stories.
    Thank you.