Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Part 113

"Do you mind not doing that?" I asked politely.  "It makes me feel kinda stupid for helping you out."

"Open the door slowly."

"No kidding," I muttered regretting trying to be nice.

When the door was opened I asked, "Can I come out now?"

"Carefully.  And I want to see those hands," the woman purred menacingly like something out of a movie.

When I had climbed out and stood up they just stared at me.  "What? Have I got boogers in my nose or something?"

The young woman who had looked up said, "Naw.  I think they just thought there would be more of you.  You're a runt."

I looked at her and realized she was a little different ... more different than Sunny had been but she also seemed to have a different personality too.  I smiled for the first time since I'd seen the last of Cochran - she was that kind of person - and said, "Yeah, I get that alot.  My name's DeeDee."

I could tell my feigned lack of concern was making the men uncomfortable and the women irritated.  Sgt. Shadwell shook her head and said, "Kid, do you have a death wish?"

"No ma'am only I'm not a kid, I'm sixteen ... nearly sixteen and a half."

"Oh yeah, you're ancient all right.  You got anyone else in there with you?"

"No ma'am."

"Are you AWOL?"

"You mean like in the military?  No ma'am."

"Have you got people?"

I felt talkative so I gave her the truth.  "Family?  No ma'am they all died on what most people call Z-Day.  I was a part of a group is St. Louis after that but then was able to escape the city.  I wandered for a while and wound up in the north of Wisconsin only some civilian contractors totally messed that one up.  My friend Sarge ... only he isn't a Sgt. any more but a Major ... was going to go south to try and talk some sense into them and make them wait their turn only some more civilian contractor bunch sent a bunch in from the east.  They evacuated everyone they could only I got left behind."

"Some friend," Sgt. Shadwell said snidely.

My temper snapped.  "Don't you talk about him that way!  It wasn't his fault.  He had orders to go south, he didn't know about the ones coming in from the east or he wouldn't have left me!  He wouldn't have!!"

I heard a lot of drawn breaths, and even I wondered if I was going to take a dirt nap but I didn't care.  Sarge is my friend.  Friends have each other's backs even when the other isn't around.

All Sgt. Shadwell did was hike up her eyebrow like Mom always had when my toes were as close to the line as she was gonna let them get with no consequences.  "And what is this Sarge's name?"

"I call him Sarge and he said that is all I better call him.  He isn't too happy about his field promotions.  His proper rank is Major ... Major Lock Watson.  And don't bother asking me what unit or whatever because I haven't got a clue.  He never told me and all I know is that he was babysitting those stupid scientists that have rocks for brains."

That got her interested.  "Well, well, well ... I might just be able to check your story after all Short Stuff."

"If you think picking on my size is going to irritate me try another one.  I've been short my whole life and have heard every joke in the book and probably a few more that aren't worth writing down.  By the way, your chickens are about to get away."

That moved them.

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