Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Part 109

I only stopped at the cabin long enough to grab my day pack and to make sure that the trap door was locked.  I laughed at myself - though it didn't sound funny - thinking I'd never be coming back but old habits die hard and when you have a hidey hole you keep it as safe and as hidden as you can even if you doubted you would ever use it again.  I learned in the city that it was always better to be safe than sorry.

I was wound up with adrenaline and was almost shot at the first camp because I hadn't thought about scaring anyone.

"Youch!  Hello the camp!  It's just me.  DeeDee Phillips!"

"Whatcha want girl?  We don't have nothing to spare," a hard man told me.  I recognize him but he wasn't one I knew though I think his name was Abe.

"Don't want anything.  The military said ..."  and I proceeded to tell them.  That generated some excitement because they all thought they had missed the evacuation.  Soon enough they were packing up.

They told me not to bother with the next camp as they had checked and no one had survived.  They were the ones I called "mean" because they were so crazy about no one coming that might carry the infection.  I still stopped anyway just on the off chance but there was no chance that anyone uninfected was around.  The odd fence of debris they'd erected around their camp was completely knocked down as was the rough camp buildings inside.

I only had two more camps to reach and was making good time.  One was a ghost town but the last demanded that I stay and help them pack.

"Are you people crazy?!  There isn't any time!  You need to get going now.  Run or with all them with you you'll never make it!"

They tried to stop me and it was a mess fighting them off and telling them to stop wasting time.  They were so crazy they shot at me as I ran back the way I had come.  No way was I going to risk going the way they were.

The first camp was already deserted and it made me happy that I'd saved some people.  Stupid.  Never should have taken my mind off of what I was doing.  I was running.  What smart person runs in the forest if there isn't something chasing them?  And what the heck person would think they were like the deer and could sail over thickets and just keep going without really watching where they were going?  A noodle brain, that's who.

I'd jumped several leafless thickets of some kind of brambleberries.  Sure they'd caught my pants a couple of times but that was no big deal, things were always catching on my pants when I was walking in the forest.  Only I wasn't walking this time.  I underestimated the distance to get over one thicket and was really grabbed by the brambles so when I come down I'm basically hopping trying to stay upright and keep going at the same time.  I no sooner really get my balance back when my foot goes down a rabbit hole but because I'm running the rest of me tries to keep going.

WHAM!  Straight down and hard enough to knock the wind out of me.  But my foot was still down the hole.  It felt like it was being torn off the end of my leg and I just about screamed.

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