Monday, January 5, 2015

Part 107

Down in that dank hole I'd dug to protect myself I didn't dare try and eat.  For one the smell that was finally making it through the wooden walls of the cabin and through the plank floors was too nauseating.  For another, I didn't want any food odors to encourage the puss brains to work any harder than they were already doing.

The bunker wasn't the same without company.  Instead of it feeling safe and inviting it felt like my grave.  I'm not going to record all my thoughts as I lay there.  I can't even record how long it was because I just don't know.  I'm pretty sure it was at least a week.  I was lucky to have dug out a place for the water barrel and actually gotten it down in there or I would have been in serious trouble.  I had to use a bucket for my bathroom though the smell of it was unnoticeable compared to what was directly above me.

Sometime during my first sleep cycle there was a huge crash.  It was the little frig and chest o' drawers going over.  The puss brains had made it into the cabin.  They ransacked the place.  Each sound belonged to the destruction of things I had tried so hard to mend into usefulness or had found and spent a lot of effort lugging back.  The dishes, even the plastic ones, were some of the first things destroyed.  The bunk bed came down with a crash and I heard the rip as the mattresses were shredded.  I was thankful I hadn't started a fire because I heard the stove pipe being ripped down and something crack as my pans and skillet was used to beat on it.  Shutters were torn down and I heard the crash as things were thrown through the plexiglass windows.  I heard tearing noises as they destroyed the books that I hadn't thought to bring down into the bunker.  All I could do was lay there, wrapped in the bear skin, and try not to think about it too hard.

They would come and go, but when they were gone they weren't gone long.  Wave after wave after wave of destruction.  I was finally forced to try and get some sustenance into my body to keep the dry heaves from hunger away.  When they were gone I tried to eat but it wasn't easy.  I finally just wound up chewing on what little bit of jerky I had left.  Even that was a struggle to keep down.  It was actually just easier to sleep and not worry about anything else.

One day or night it rained.  I heard the thunder crashing and I heard the rain land on the floor at it blew in the broken windows and doors.  Everything grew really damp and uncomfortable, especially when the temperature dropped briefly and the rain turned to sleet.

At some point I realized I would occasionally hear one of those noise boxes go off.  Sometimes it seemed like it must be right outside the cabin and sometimes it was far off.  Then after some unknown amount of time I realized it had been a lot of hours since I had heard either the noise box or a puss brain.  I was very low on water and didn't have a choice.  If I wanted to live I was going to have to risk getting out.


  1. Have mercy on me Kathy so much action and trouble just when things "seemed" to be working out for our heroine.

    Clif meet Twist and Turns ( in the plot).

    Love it Kathy, Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the update Kathy, It's good to hear that you and your family are well, grate story.

  3. Oh my word, you've left us with a cliffhanger TWICE IN A ROW!

    You trying to drive us crazy? Well, crazier than normal. ;-)