Monday, January 5, 2015

Part 106

It bothered me so much that I called it an early day, went in the cabin and locked down.  It was dark and dreary inside the cabin after being outside but that suited me better than the false jolliness of the sun as it shown in the sky.  I realized something as I walked around in the cabin putting things away ... I was too warm with my coat on.  It didn't matter that it was getting late in the day or that I had small holes in my roof.

Now I wasn't hot but it was definitely too warm for all the layers I had on.  I took my coat off slowly as I realized what this could mean.  Mr. Svenson had told me the Spring Thaw didn't normally occur until mid to late March, sometimes not until April, but it had come early a few times in the years he'd been on earth.  It wasn't quite March yet, and it didn't have to mean that the thaw was coming early, but we could be having an early warm spell - warm meaning above freezing temperatures -and that was going to throw a real monkey wrench into the docs' plans.  Idiots.  If they were going to experiment they should have started way earlier than waiting until late January to give it a good go.  Just because weather is normally something doesn't mean it is the same from year to year.

I was just about to take some things out of the bunker and make me a meal ... the cattail sprouts I ate as I carried water were nothing but a distant memory to my stomach ... when something crashed into the cabin door.  I could hear it bounce off and tumble down the stairs but just as quickly pick itself back up and make another run at it.  Then there were crashes and bangs all over the cabin.

A cold emptiness settled over me.  An acceptance I guess you'd say.  This may have been the wild woods of Wisconsin, but in my head it was also the urban jungle of the city.  The two overlapped.  Slowly and carefully I grabbed everything that could fit into my bunker space and threw it down.  Then as the noise continued to increased in volume I climbed down and carefully pulled the trap door closed and bolted it.

I was alone.  Truly alone.

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