Thursday, December 11, 2014

Part 104

"Wake up."

I didn't want to.  I was warm and it was dark and for once I felt safe, so I just didn't want to wake up.  When my head was rudely knocked off my pillow however I left my dream world and shot awake like the time I'd found that Toddie had put a grass snake in my bed.  I even jumped so bad I cracked my head on something.


"Huh?!" I said scrabbling for the wind up lamp.  I almost started to panic when I couldn't find it.  I must have leaned over and fallen asleep on Cochran's shoulder and when I woke up nothing was where I thought I left it.

"Eathy.  I thithn't mean thoo sthcare you," he said as he turned the lamp on.

I blinked, momentarily blinded, then saw blood on his chin.  "What happened?!"

"Relaxth.  You jutht made me bithe my thongue."

"Oh geez," I moaned.  How stupid could I get.  "I'm so sorry," I added trying to wipe it away.  Then I remembered the puss brains and thought of the blood.

It must have showed on my face because he said, "Relax already.  See, getting back to normal.  If the worst I have to deal with is a sore tongue then it is all good."

"I don't know whether to feel better or like a bigger idiot.  I usually don't sleep so hard.  What did you need?  Are ... are they getting in?"

"No but I heard something.  The first time I thought I was imagining it.  Next time it sounded like something fell off the roof.  The infecteds have made some pretty weird noises after each time the noise came but I don't hear them anymore, just the noise.  Listen, it comes about every couple of minutes."

Less than a minute later I heard the weirdest sound I have ever heard.  It was made up of both highs and lows pitched horn sounds and then there was a really bass part in it that I could almost feel in my teeth.  It was a sound that made me itch.

"What is that?" I asked scratching the back of my neck.

"I think it is a third generation sound box.  They were working on it, something that really got the attention of the infecteds and called to them."

"Fine but I gotta say their taste in music is horrible.  Geez, I'm glad I don't have my braces anymore or who knows what I would hear.  The feedback in my fillings is bad enough."

He nodded then said, "If we hear it this well down here in the ground can you imagine what it must sound like outside?  Or closer to the box?"

"Eh?  I can't hear you Sonny.  I'm going a little deaf I'm afraid."

"Smart aleck."

We both agreed to open the hatch and see what the damage was and I was surprised and happy to find that nothing had gotten in but I did have a problem.

"Oh jollies.  Now how am I supposed to fix that?  I haven't even gotten the door fixed yet."

Cochran and I looked at the spots of light on the floor that shouldn't have been there.  The spots were a result of small beams of sunlight coming through where a few wooden roof tiles had obviously been ripped off.  They hadn't gotten through the plywood but it was bad enough.

Fifteen minutes later, right as we were going to try and go out to see what had become of the puss brains Cochran's radio crackled and it was some guy in a patrol vehicle parked outside.  We opened the door and exited.  They smiled and clapped Cochran on the back like they were glad to see him.

Bottom line he had to go.  I could see he was torn and he pulled me away to tell me so.  "This cabin is getting less and less secure.  Are you really sure about not moving in with that Singing Water bunch?"

"I'm positive.  I'll get it figured out.  I've just been trying to build up my supplies before the horde got here but ..."

"Yeah."  Then he turned so the guys in the truck couldn't see his mouth and whispered.  "Don't say anything about having to put those down."


"Because both of us could get into some real trouble.  Those docs have friends that not even the Major can fight all the time.  They call it murder and assume you're guilty until you can prove your innocence and that takes a while.  By the time your trial date comes up you might miss it because you've been shipped off shore to an old oil rig for forced labor or something ... to repay your debt for murder.  You pay is for reparations of the victim's family in the future when they're found."

I shook my head and just knew my Dad would have a few things to say about that.  Sure he was a cop but the thing he hadn't more than crooks was dirty cops and dirty lawyers and judges.  And he wasn't afraid of who knew it.  I looked back to where the bodies had been but only saw ... uh ... scraps.  I shook my head.  "That's not normal.  They'll bite and fight other puss brains but they don't usually eat their own, not even if they are fresh dead."

"You're right.  I'll report it.  Now ... just ... just stay in your cabin until someone can get back to give you the all clear."

"I can't and you know it.  I've got to get more wood in from the wood pile and I need to refill the water barrel."

"DeeDee ..."

I put my hand on his arm and told him, "I've lived with this stuff for a long time.  I'll be fine."

He was going to say something else but the driver of the truck called, "Gotta roll man!  Sgt. Cromer called to give us the coordinates of another pick up and it'll be dark soon."

He left.  He didn't want to.  I didn't want him to.  But he left.  That's the thing ... everyone leaves eventually, but not always because they want to.


  1. Great chapters Kathy thank's for sharing your gift with us

  2. Wow Kathy, great new chapters!

    And a great new twist with puss brains eating puss brains, g-r-o-s-s