Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Part 103

We did what we were given no choice to do.  Using the gun bothers me in a way using the bat hasn't.  I'm not saying that killing doesn't bother me because it does.  I just mean the gun feels so ... so impersonal.  There is a distance to it that makes me feel somehow that I've cheated, that my life wasn't as in danger as I imagined it to be.  The bat ... now that is as personal and close up as you can get.

When I mentioned that to Cochran he said, "You're crazy.  A gun is a tool the same way that bat is a tool.  A screwdriver is a tool the same way a hammer is.  The point is to use the proper tool at the proper time.  Using that bat when there was a gun would have been foolish.  I may have some issues with killing infecteds but even I know that you can take this touchy feely guilty wilty stuff too far."

I snorted.  "Touchy feely guilty wilty?"

"Hey, if you can use demented pro-creating dust bunnies to illustrate a point I can say ... what I said.  DeeDee, get in the cabin.  Now."

I turned to look where he was looking and wished I hadn't.  "C'mon ..." I said heading for the cabin.

"I'm going to lead them off."

"Oh no you're not," I said grabbing the back of his coat and pulling.  "You are not leaving me with the guilty-wilties.  Now c'mon."

We were inside the cabin and barring the door in no time flat and started sliding heavy stuff in front of it for bracing.  "C'mon," I repeated.


I was already sliding my trap door out of the way.  "Help me throw a few things down here in case we have to be here a while."

He looked down into my bunker and then at me.  I knew exactly what he was thinking and told him, "We won't close the hatch unless they start pushing the furniture out of the way.  Now c'mon and help.  I hadn't gotten this far in my plans and I'm ..."

I stopped and found that I was shaking.  That got Cochran moving.  "DeeDee?"

"I forget.  Every time.  I can't believe it but I do.  I get used to things being sorta normal.  Then along comes the puss brain train and I've got to warm myself up to surviving all over again.  I'm ... I'm scared one of these days I just won't have enough left to care.  That I ..."

I found myself getting a hard shake.  "No more of that.  What did you want to put down in there?"


Then we both jumped a mile when there was a sudden bang on the side of the cabin.

"That wasn't a fist," Cochran muttered.

"I think this group has adapted to using sticks or something."

"Wonderful.  Just what we need.  Smart zombies."

Automatically I said, "They aren't zombies.  They were never dead and if they get dead they don't wake up."  Looking around I tried to start by carrying my food coolers over.  "I dug a trench to set these in."

It took a few minutes but the most basic stuff was quickly down in the bunker and then we got down there too.  It was pretty roomy for me but Cochran would have gotten a crick in his neck if he hadn't sat down.  "You did all this?" he asked.

"Yeah.  When I found out that those crazy docs were going to be sending wave after wave of puss brains my direction.  I thought about a treehouse but I decided I wouldn't want to be in one during a storm and I don't have enough nails to put together a good one anyway.  So a hole in the ground had to work.  You gave me the idea you know."

"I did?  When?"

"When you saved me.  You dug us a shelter."

He shook his head.  "I used a cedar tree and some snow to build a shelter ... I didn't do anything like this."

"Well, you still gave me the idea.  I know it needs reinforcing in places but at least it is better than nothing.  I don't think they'll get in the cabin but I feel safer.  Do you?"

"I'm trying not to worry about it DeeDee."  There was more banging against the cabin.  "I'm wondering if they can dig under the cabin to reach us."


He asked, "You're that sure?"

"Yep.  The rock walls of the foundation are cemented in place and have those concrete thingamabobs ... they are like steel sticks ... that go through the floor joists and sink into the ground spaced about ever eight to ten inches.  I think they did it when the USFS renovated this place to make it weather tight and straighten the walls and foundation so they wouldn't slip.  Dad did something similar when one of our basement walls tried to cave in and take the house foundation with it."

"Some of those infecteds could wiggle through a ten inch space if they do it crawling sideways."

"And that's why you see I built my own extra walls with all these rocks and mud dobbing."  At his skeptical look I said, "I know it isn't perfect but I'm working on it ok?"

"What you really need is some kind of wire or steel mesh ... maybe  metal fencing.  It would need good supports but I've seen where some militia units have done something like this at their checkpoints."

There was a crash and I said, "I guess I don't have a porch railing any more."

"Probably not," Cochran agreed.

Then we heard some scrabbling on the roof.  We looked at each and silently agreed that it was time to pull the hatch closed and secure it.

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