Monday, November 10, 2014

Part 95

Haven't seen anyone in three days.  Don't care.  Would have been nice to have heard from someone but really, I don't care.  I've had more than enough to do and it was nice to get things done without interruptions.

Snow has started to melt from around the cabin and it is causing me all sorts of trouble.  The heat from the cabin, even if it is next to nothing in amount, has been just enough to create an ice cave so that there is about a foot of space between the packed snow and the walls.  The ice that has formed around the "cave" is very brittle and breaks with little to no effort.  It has made it hard - even dangerous - to climb out through the tunnel.  It is still horribly cold but down here it sounds like it is dripping rain all the time.  I decided to stay inside after  I fell into a deep air pocket in a drift and was a real popsicle by the time I was able to dig myself out.  Staying in is definitely safer.  It has also given me time to work on my puss brain bunker.

With my luck things will go just as hairy as they did last time a horde came through.  The cabin door still isn't back on its hinges and when the snow goes away that's going to be more of a security problem than it already is.  Even if I get it back up the puss brains could just bang it down again.  The last thing I wanted to have to do that night was fight against so many of them at one time.  I won't do it again unless I absolutely have to.  The odds are too high against me.  So I've decided I need a safe place I can run to ... a bunker.

Anywhere Inside the cabin is pretty useless - hiding under the bed is stupid too - but the root cellar idea is pretty good, or at least I think so.  I've already made a trap door and walls for my "freezer."  What I've been doing is expanding that space.  I moved the walls out a bit and I'm using the foundation supports to brace the new walls against so they won't topple over and bury me.  I need to collect more rock but there is actually a pretty good selection to start with under the cabin.  I guess they put it there to keep animals from burrowing into the crawl space.  The frozen ground was a challenge to dig until I remembered something that I had read in a history textbook one time about some ancient people building a fire right on the ground to thaw it and make it softer and easy to scoop out.

I have to be careful not to build the fire too high or I'll catch the floor of the cabin on fire.  And I have to be careful about the smoke or I hack and cough like I'm about to lose a lung.  But it works.  And what dirt I dig out I have been turning into mud and using to rechink the cabin walls on the inside.  The outside is going to have to wait until there is less run off from the melting ice and snow.  I tried and the chinking just gets washed away.  The space I've managed to dig is now big enough for me to stand up in with the trap door closed but only if I crick my neck over.  The deepest part of the hole comes to just above my waist and then the crawl space is the rest of it. No way could Cochran use it unless he beant himself up like a pretzel.  I've still got a lot of work to do but even if I never use it for bunker it will still make a great root cellar.

I wonder what Cochran is doing.  Sarge probably keeps him pretty busy so he doesn't have time to dwell on his nightmares or whatever it is he is going through.  That's what I do to keep my nightmares in their place ... stay busy.

Speaking of Sarge I guess I never did record what was up with the pack.  To put it bluntly Sarge is a stinker and I wish I knew more stinkers just like him.  Dad would have liked him I think.  They aren't alike exactly but they aren't that different either.  Mom and Dad both probably blessed him from where they are at in Heaven if they saw what he did for me.  I just hope he doesn't get in trouble for it.

When I came down the tunnel after telling Shane off I tried to move the pack and nearly fell on my face.  I think I did pull something because my shoulder was sore all yesterday.  And Sarge had set it down like it didn't weigh anything.  He must be really strong.  As I opened the pack up I almost expected a practical joke or something but instead all I see are cans.  Yeah, that's what I said, cans.  All shapes, all sizes - except those ginormous ones like they used in the school cafeteria - and some of them don't even have lables but have what is supposed to be in there written with some kind of black marker.  There were so many cans I didn't have room for them in my cooler storage so I have them in a foot locker set near the fireplace so they won't freeze and burst.

Those cans take a load off my mind.  Ever since I did that inventory of food I've been wondering how I was going to survive until spring greens start sprouting.  Soon enough I won't be able to hunt because of baby animals being born and needing to be taken care of.  If all the animals get hunted then there won't be any babies to grow up and get hunted next season.  There's still fish ... unless the puss brains contaminate things.  And that includes drinking water sources and all the other things in the water to eat like the mussels and frogs.  Even my cattails could get contaminated which will be a huge problem for me since I depend on them so much for carbs to keep me going.

Even a pack full of cans will only go so far and if that is all I eat it won't go far at all.  That's why I'm going to bed early even though I'm going to have a hard time sleeping.  I want to get up really early in the morning, before the sun is up and the snow and ice start dripping again, and try and get out to the creek and see what I can find.  I am out of cattail roots and my fresh meat is all gone as well.  I also used the last of the cattail starch to make "crackers" to eat with the can of tomato soup I picked out for supper tonight.

I know everything comes to an end eventually ... even people ... and I know worrying about it won't change or fix that problem.  I just wish it wouldn't happen so often and hurt so much when it did.

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