Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Part 85

I don't think I've ever climbed a tree that fast in my entire life, not even during the bear incident which shall remain deleted from history.  I felt the roll on the end of my pants catch and then give and a body hit the ground with a yelp.  I didn't even stop climbing until I was a good fifteen feet off the group and after I looked down I went up two more branches.

There were over two dozen feral dogs and what looked like dogs that were half and half with the wolf part being the bigger half ringing the tree I was in.  There were a couple of more really big dogs going at the bodies of the two men, then the other dogs couldn't seem to stand it anymore and joined them.

They were snapping and growling worse than a pack of puss brains but were definitely a whole lot more organized with a definite hierarchy.  They had alphas and then they had some pooches that looked like all they had to do is breathe to get snapped at and put in their place.  I tried not to watch what they were doing but there was no way to close my ears to it.

Just sitting there up in that tree I had noticed the wind had picked up even more and it was getting colder as the day headed towards evening.  I knew if I didn't get out of that tree soon it would be dark before I could reach the cabin and that wasn't good.  As soon as the sun disappears from the sky every bit of warmth gets sucked from the air.

I waited an hour for those stupid dogs to give it up and go away but they'd gotten their bellies semi-filled and were ready to bunk down for a bit.  "No, no, no you stupid dogs, go away!" I called down to them which only seemed to wind them back up for more food in the form of me.  Another fifteen minutes went by and they finally settled back down again.  Holy guacamole I was getting mad ... and more than a little concerned.  Even if I was able to fly down from the tree and get going it would certainly be dark before I could reach the cabin.

That's when I took a chance and took the gun out of my pocket.  I had a full clip minus two plus another full clip.  I am beginning to be concerned about how many bullets I have and don't use the gun except in emergencies.  Well, getting stuck in a tree overnight was an emergency.  To make sure my shots were good since the sun was setting I came down two branches and then had to wait for the dogs to stop running around in excitement again.  I can hit something that is moving up close or I can hit something that is still far away, but I can't hit a moving target that is too far away.

Jace told me the gun was a Heckler.  I still haven't figured out why they would call a gun a heckler except maybe it is a play on words 'cause a heckler kinda shoots words.  I mean I could be wrong but since Jace isn't around to ask and I haven't felt like looking stupid and asking anyone else my guess is as good as anything else.  All I do know is that the gun belonged to his dad and it shoots 9 mm bullets.  That's all I really need to know beyond the basics of cleaning it and keeping it in good working order.  Oh yeah, and which end to point.

I tried shooting the dogs but once I started shooting they started moving all over the place and going crazy.  After a few shots it was useless to keep going; all I was doing was shooting trees and dirt.  They didn't run off though.  And frankly all I wound up doing is feeding them as they went cannibal on their fallen comrades, the few that I had actually been able to hit.  Great.  I knew at that point they were never going to leave and I needed to prepare for the worst.

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