Thursday, October 2, 2014

Part 83

I could hear the crunching of boots on hard packed snow.

"Dammit.  All this snow has everything turned upside down and I can't find any of the landmarks."

"Well, no one answered your whistle so we gotta be in the wrong spot.  I told you I thought it was the other way."

I didn't recognize either voice.

"Are you sure there's a girl living by herself around here?  Them fools could have been telling stories to cover up for why they really got in trouble."

The second man cleared his throat and spit.  "Don't think so.  Girl is supposed to be some long lost friend of the Major Watson's according to gossip.  I wouldn'ta risked it if there wasn't a chance of giving him back some of the pain he's dished out over the last six weeks.  And getting some fine young thang into the bargain makes for good huntin'."

The first one snickered a dirty laugh and I was so glad I'd hidden instead of answering their whistle.  I was planning on avoiding trouble if I could but then one of the Wonder Boys said, "Hey, does that look like a chimney?"

Oh great.  Why did it have to be the one guy that was smart enough to notice?  I slid down my tunnel like it was a chute and then through open cabin door.  I would take on a puss brain with a baseball bat but for uninfecteds the only way to survive was to fight like with like.  Those guys were carrying hand guns ... I hadn't been able to tell what kind because it was strapped to their belt ... which meant that I might have a little on them with surprise.

I had taken the gun out of my pocket when I went to bed and had stupidly not put it back in there during the panic of trying to get to fresh air.  I grabbed it and did all the steps that Jace and Jamie had drilled into my head to get ready to shoot and then crawled back up the snow tunnel in time to hear one of the men say, "I don't see any smoke coming from the chimney."

"Nope.  Wonder if she turned into a popsicle like Security Shack 3?  She coulda froze to death."

"Don't get your hopes up just yet.  We don't even know if this is the place."

"Might be worth finding out.  If it is we could ... you know ... mess with her and make it hard on the Major ... take any supplies ... you know ... stuff."

"You are a sick man," the other guy said.  But there was approval in the voice that hardened my resolve.  Putting puss brains out of their misery was one thing.  You did it mercifully and without malice.  But shooting someone that ought to know better but still chose to act like scuzz ... well, there was other stuff involved with that.  But since I didn't want to be "messed with" and I didn't think those guys would take no for an answer I was prepared to do what I had to.

"Hey lookie here ... someone had done dug themselves a hole out."

"Don't see any tracks leading away.  Means they must still be down in there."

"Then turn your voice down idiot.  We want this to be a surprise.  How we gonna have any fun otherwise?"

"What 'r we going to do with the girl when we're done with her?  I don't think I can just shoot her in cold blood no matter what the Major has done."

"Won't need to.  Don't let her have her clothes back and just drive her into the woods.  Cold will get her before she can tattle on us."

"But if the Major don't find her ..."

"We'll bust up the cabin ... make sure he can tell what happened."

With glee and a wicked laugh the other guy say, "Good idea."

Bad idea.  Nasty man #1 stuck his head down in the hole and I only gave him a moment to register surprise before I pulled the trigger.  He jerked back but it was the other guy who made all the noise.


I popped up and fired almost point blank range at the second guy who was just standing there staring at his partner who himself was staring sightlessly into the sky.  I was nervous so my shot was low and my bullet got him in the throat.  Blood gushed everywhere and even after everything I've seen in my life I was up on all fours heaving my guts up.

The guy died faster than I could finish puking but once I had I realized I had another mess to clean up.

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