Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Part 82

I had a dream that I was a bear and that there were too many bears in the cave with me.  I was so warm it was uncomfortable and I was sweating.  And things were getting smelly.

Well smelly alarmed me.  I suddenly realized I was in a dream but that somehow I was still smelling.  My nose is very sensitive and that had me waking up real quick with puss brains on my mind.  However, as soon as I woke up I realized it wasn't puss brains - or bears for that matter - that I was smelling, it was little ol' me.  I needed to bathe.  I also realized that I really was sweating.

For a second I freaked thinking the "fort" or the cabin was on fire but as soon as I dug out from under my covers I realized I had made another mistake.  Nothingwas on fire, in fact the stove had burnt real low.  Then my eyes stung and I realized that there was smoke in the cabin.  The next thing that ran through my head was worry that the roof was on fire but I shined my wind-up flashlight in all directions and there was no evidence of fire.  In fact there was frost crystals on the nails that protruded down into the cabin.  There couldn't be frost and fire at the same time.

The smoke was getting bad.  As much as I didn't want to I needed to get a shutter open or dying from the smoke was a real possibility.  Last winter our group had walked into a building to get out of a storm to find a room full of newly dead, uninfected people.  They hadn't been killed by puss brains but had died in their sleep.  Doc said they had killed themselves accidentally by suffocating.  They'd built a fire but hadn't made sure there was enough ventilation to let the smoke out and fresh oxygen in.

I tried the first set of shutters and they wouldn't budge.  That sometimes happens and I didn't worry.  By the last set of shutters out of four, with none of them budging I did start to worry.  I unbarricaded the door, opened it, and was met by white.  Not a storm of white but a block of white.  It looked like I was staring at a white styrofoam wall.  Oh carp, I wasn't snowed in ... I was snowed under.

I ran and got what I use for a broom - a bunch of twigs tied together on the end of a long stick - and shoved it up as far as I could.  The snow was packed very tight, almost like a block of ice in places, so it wasn't very easy.  After some real work and deep coughing I finally broke through and I realized the snow was piled up to at least the edge of the roof.    A beam of light came down through the hole and that told me that it was daylight and that my guardian angel had done me a favor by waking me up or I might have been done for.

I spent a couple of minutes inhaling the sweet, fresh air even though it was cold as the dickens.  My throat, nose, and mouth felt coated with nasty gunk but it was the kind that was thick and caked on and I couldn't just blow my nose or clear my throat to get rid of it.  I was really starting to gag on it.  Then I gave myself a dope slap and ran over and opened the fireplace damper and felt the foul air being pulled out faster.

The storm had been a brief one but it dumped a lot of snow on top of the previous storm's snow.  The wind probably picked it all up and piled it up against whatever got in the way.  Since the cabin was right at the base of a trail that went into a ridge I figured that was the reason why I was buried but there was only going to be one way to find out.

I started scooping out snow out with a plastic bowl but it broke so I had to switch to a skillet and had to be careful not to break the handle.  It took me over an hour but I finally moved enough snow that I could climb out through the tunnel that I had made.  Snow was everywhere in all directions.  Not much of it was quite as deep as it was around the cabin but it was still pretty bad.  And the angle of the sun told me I hadn't just slept through the night but through much of the next day.  The sun was already past being straight up and was heading deep into afternoon.  It would soon be dark again and I'd just escaped the dark of the cabin.

I guess I was sitting and pouting - and freezing my rear end off - when I heard a sharp whistle.  I went down in my hole real quick and just listened.



  1. So glad your SIL is doing better but sorry for her kidney issues.
    Can't believe with everything going on that you took the time to think of us, Thank You for the new chapters

  2. Kathy so good to see you back posting, I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Thanks for the new chapters.