Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 71

I took the usual path that brought me in behind the stand only I was even more careful than I usually was. I'd learned to be crafty to avoid running into any of the men from the area and I added that to what Moses and Jace had tried to teach me. However, what was the biggest help was remembering the lengths to which I would go to spy on Toddie and his friends. They were good at getting away, I was better at finding them ... they just didn't know that and I had never enlightened them.

Once I got to a good vantage point I looked down. I couldn't see who was inside the stand, just the top of their toboggan covered head. They were dressed in a gray and white camouflage but were still moving around so much that I could see them ... yes them. There looked to be five of them. A couple were on the smallish side so they were either women or boys. I didn't care. I had to take action. They were bringing up what looked like a freaking rocket launcher. I'd come too far and gone through too much to get to Singing Waters. I might not have been living in the camp of my memories but it was someplace that was "mine" and it was relatively safe. OK, so I had just gone through a horde of puss brains that had busted down the cabin door, but that was still better than anything I'd had in a good long while. A door was fixable. There was no fixing a cabin that was blown sky high so I decided they just weren't going to be allowed to do it. I remembered as an afterthought to add they were not going to blow up Jamie or Shane either.

I looked around for a distraction then realized that the snow right above the stand was looking kinda dangerous. I usually had to clear it some or risk having it come down on me but these yahoos hadn't done that and I could see a big jagged crack in the overhang. The build up was also larger than I'd ever seen it.

I usually dropped the snow by starting a small landslide higher up and I was hopping that would work this time. As I made my way over I saw three more camouflage dressed people running to join the five; only running in snow isn't exactly what they were doing. They were chugging through the snow with the big one in front breaking the path. His body language said he was in a major hurry.

I got up there in a hurry and started pushing over a buch of loose baby boulders that happened to be handy. And yeah, it worked. Kinda a lot better than I had expected because not only did the overhang of snow give way but the force of the slide went backwards as well as forward. The ground under my feet gave way faster than I could run away and I would up skiing down the hill on my butt until I could grab hold of a tree and skinny up the limbs, all the while praying the the pine would stay upright.

The noise settled down for about five seconds and then a terrific roar reached my ears. It wasn't another landslide. It wasn't the rocket launcher going off. It was the big guy that I'd seen coming this way.

"Who the hell gave you blinkety blankety blank wipes permission to requisition a blankety blinkety Stinger?!!"

I heard a muffled, "The docs said ..."

"The docs?! The DOCS?!!!" I thought he was going to have a seizure right there. "How many times do you have to be told to clear their orders before following them?! The docs are the ones that got us into this mess you buncha filth and foul and filth and foul idiots! Get your sorry, good for nothing blankety blankety blanks outta there! If one hair on any civilians head is damaged I'll feed you to the damn filth and foul infecteds myself!!!"

All his yelling nearly caused another avalanche and did scare the snow hanging onto the ends of the pine branch that I was holding onto. I grabbed the branch with my arms and legs just in time as the snow let go of the pine needles and fell straight down on top of the righteously PO'd man immediately below.

The branch, relieved of the heavy weight of the wet snow, bounced up and down nearly throwing me off. I wound up hanging by my hands and sliding fast. Someone shooting up at me was the last straw and down I went with both the snow and a very large man who was still trying to dig himself out of it to break my fall.

We both let out a loud, "OOMPH!" He, with obviously more reason than me.

Someone yelled, "Don't shoot! You'll hit him too!"

Another someone yelled, this someone I recognized said, "That's right, don't shoot ... 'cause it you do we'll put a bullet in every last one of you!" Jamie ... subtle definitely wasn't his thing at all.

The man beneath me finally brushed the snow out of his face and then nearly went bug eyed when he saw me above him grinning. I said, "Hey Sarge. I do believe we have what you might call a situation on our hands."


  1. Great updates. Always looking forward to them.

  2. Kathy thanks for the chapters it looks like the military finely made it's entrance into the story. I wonder how the reunion will go.