Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 70

There was another crack and suddenly I found myself face down in the snow.

Trying to clear the snow out of my orifices I squalled, "What the ...?!"

"Shhh!  And stop wiggling!"

With just barely enough air in my lungs to squeak I told both Jamie and Shane, "Get off me!"

"Hush!" Shane snapped.  Then, "Move Jamie.  I've got her."

"You move," he snapped right back.  "I've got her."

Jamie repeated, "I said I've got her!"

Shane came right back with, "You don't need her.  You need to move."

I suddenly realized what a bone being fought over by two feral dogs felt like.  I finally wiggled enough where I jabbed Jamie in the eyebrow with one elbow and Shane in the cheek with the other.  "Ow!" they said in unison.

"You'll get more of that if you two tubs of lard don't get off me.  I can't breathe!"

They only marginally uncovered me, and then one on each side the drug me into the woods and behind a large tree.

"Have you two lost your ...?!"  Just that moment there was another crack and splinters from the tree we were behind added to the scratches that I'd given them just a moment before.  "Uh ... Was that a gun shot?"

Jamie snorted in exasperation.  "No DeeDee.  You somehow must have hacked off the squirrels and they're throwing their entire winter supply of acorns at us with miniature rocket launchers."

Well, in my mind there wasn't any need for him to be that sarcastic but I guess all things considered he was a bit stressed out so I let it go.  Then, of all the bad luck a single ricochet put both my would be protectors on the injured list.  The bullet hit a big bit of stone that USFS had drug up there keep the forest visitors from backing down what used to be an old forestry road.  Two things then happened simultaneously.  First the bullet had just enough velocity to go through the meaty part of Shane's upper arm.  Second, a piece of that rock flew and caught Jamie in his eyebrow and it started to gush blood.

I could go into what kind of quick first aid I gave them but it would just be a waste of paper and pencil.  I did what I did and I did it  quickly and then my anger boiled over and I left the guys sitting there bleeding and with their mouths hanging open trying to grab me before I could make my escape.  See, I had figured out where the shooter was.  The jerk was using my own hunting stand.  I'm ashamed to say that that was what really torqued me and not just being shot at and having the guys get hurt.

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