Thursday, August 21, 2014

Part 52

"Uncle Joseph!  You get away from her!!"

"Aw shaddup RJ.  You remember the Phillips family.  They've been coming here longer than you've been on this earth."

"That don't mean she ain't one of them."

I felt my arm be given a good shake.  "Well Little Bit?  You one of them?"

I focused because I could hear from his tone my answer was important.  "No sir.  I'd off myself before I'd turn into a puss brain and hurt people by going cannibal.  I've taken care of friends who couldn't do it for themselves.  You have to if you are being responsible."

"Hear that boys?"

"Of course she'd say that.  Tell her to prove it."

That woke me all the way up from my shock.  I jumped up and back grabbing for my bat.  "Oh no you don't!  I'll ... I'll let Mrs. Svenson or Mrs. Durant check me out but any man that comes near me is gonna get his block knocked off and I don't care who it is!"

I don't know what they saw but they looked at each other cautiously.  Mr. Svenson however said calmly, "Don't think there'll be any need for that."  He took a step towards me and said, "And no need for that club either.  No one here wants to hurt you."

"I've heard that before and while I'll believe you I'm not gonna just trust anyone else to hold to that kind of promise."

Slowly and sadly Mr. Svenson nodded.  "And that might be a good thing.  Some of these friends of my nephews' ain't what I'd call family oriented.  They've worked hard the same as the family but not all of their ways are necessarily our ways all the time.  Pretty little thing like you've grown into might just mess up the balance we've got established, like a woman on a boat full of men, and we don't need that kind of wind change here with winter setting in."

"Fine.  I'll leave," I told him not having  the faintest idea where I was going to go from there or even how since the fuel light had already come on.

"You gonna die Girl if you just run off."

"I'm not running," I told him.  "I'm leaving calmly and of my own free will.  I'm not quite as helpless as I used to be."

"So says you.  Only thing I've seen is that you can drive ... and I'm surprised at that.  Don't tell me you come all the way on your own."

I sighed.  "No sir."

"But you're alone now."

I whispered so that only he could hear.  "Yes sir."

He nodded, looked back at the other three men who had been joined by several others who had been drawn by the sound of the gun shot, and then turned back to me.  "For a fact I wish I could take you in Child.  For a fact.  But I can't go against the entire camp.  We had to agree on some rules to keep from tearing ourselves apart.  But I can help ya some.  You remember that forestry service cabin that is about five miles further down this road?"

I thought hard then nodded cautiously.  "It's over by Trout Lake; the one you can't drive to but have to hike to."

He nodded in return.  "Well it's still there and set up for winter quarters.  Its just a one room cabin but it has a set of bunks, a table, and a few other pieces of things in there.  Even has a good size storage locker.  Would have liked to have had that locker myself but it was too big and heavy to haul back here; suspect it is even bolted to the floor joists.  Windows are all good and the shutters are still on it though you might have to rig up some new pulley rope or chain if you've got any.  And I'll see you get enough wood to carry you for a bit then you'll be having to do for your own.  Got any food?"

Again cautiously I told him, "Some.  And I know how to fish ... and hunt ... kinda."  At his doubtful look I told him, "Someone taught me.  Someone ...," I stopped before I could go into details and shook my head clear.  My business was my business and I needed to practice shutting up.  "I know how, I've done a little ... it's just a matter of practice."

"Well, you'll get that.  Even with the big group we've got in camp there is plenty of game around.  You know how to save your catch so it will last?"

"Smoking it like jerky."

"Well ... that's one way.  When I can spare time away from camp I'll check on you and show you other ways.  For now you just go ahead and go on.  We're about to get hit by a heavy storm or so my wife's lumbago is screaming and I've never known her lumbago to be wrong this time of year."  When I just stood there looking at him he said, "Go on now, get.  I'll try and talk that fool lot of mine around but with the way things are the best I'll be able to accomplish is to keep them from completely forgetting their Christian and to leave you alone.  Go on up to that cabin.  Bring you in as much wood as you can before it gets dark.  And then you latch and bar that door.  Bears haven't finished feeding their bellies yet and they're hungry."


  1. That was a couple of great updates thanks bunches.Something tells me though there will be unwelcome suitors come calling to the cabin.

  2. Thanks for more of this great story Kathy