Saturday, August 16, 2014

Part 43

We got into the truck and Jace said, "Buckle up."

He had no sooner put the truck in gear than there was a crash on the passenger glass window and a hand tried to reach in and grab Sunny.  We all yelled ... or I thought we'd all yelled.  Jace floored the gas and we were slipping and sliding around only to discover we were surrounded.

I screamed, "Just run over them Jace!!  Just run over them and get out of here before they pile on the trailer!!"

"What do you think I'm trying to do?!!"

We started bouncing around up the road away from the lake and I could feel the trailer pulling us this way and that though I didn't know what it was at the time.  I could see that Jace was really struggling with the steering wheel.  Struggling to keep the puss brains from holding onto the hood and other parts of the truck and trailer.

"Find me a hole DeeDee!" he yelled.

I looked and then pointed as a small gap in the horde opened up.  We were finally free of them.  It was still two or three miles before the last puss brain let go and fell off.  Jace actually had to shoot the last one off as it tried to come in his side window.  Cold air filled the cab.  The truck was shuddering.  Jace was shuddering.  I was shuddering.  And so was Sunny.

"Are you ok?"

Sunny was turned away from me.  I though she was just scared or something.  I repeated the question and then pulled slightly on her shoulder.  She fell backwards toward me.  Her eye was wide and staring.  What I had thought was shuddering was actually some kind of seizure.  A sliver of sharp wood had been thrust into her right eye by the first puss brain that attacked us.  I was having a hard time believing what I was seeing for a lot of reasons but primarily because the puss brains had become smart enough in a group, or the one that had attacked the window wasn't so far gone, that a tool was used.  I'd never seen anything like it and I'd seen a lot of puss brains.  If that was the norm all of a sudden we were in some serious trouble.

Jace glanced to his right, looked back through the windshield, then jerked his head back to the right and stared horrified.

"JACE!!!  Look out!!!  Watch the road!!!"

We hit a bad place in the road and that pulled Jace's attention back to the road.  He hunched around the steering wheel and drove like a flock of demons was after him while I did what little I could.  I knew all I could do was stop the bleeding and hold her hand until Jace found a safe place to pull into.


  1. This sure don't bode well. Z's that have rudimentary intelligence. Kinda fills in what 39 was about.Really am liking this one.

  2. Thanks for the chapters Kathy It doesn't look good for Sunny, unless they have antibiotics to fight the infection that is sure to develop from a wound like that, her chances of survival are slim. Hopefully she won't die and turn while they are not paying attention.