Saturday, August 16, 2014

Part 42

"Road is clear, not even a wreck on the side of the road," I observed as we drove slowly along.

"Yeah.  That's ...."  Jace's voice trailed off.

"That's what?"

"Strange.  It just looks like everyone stayed home.  Like a Sunday morning."

I snorted.  "Not where I come from.  The only reason you didn't go to church on Sunday morning was if you were making funeral plans ... preferably your own."  I decided to exercise some of the mental muscles he'd been wanting me to build.  "How's this as a hypothesis?  We are up here in an area where people would have tried to evacuate to if there had been something bad happen.  What if the people that were already here just decided to stay put ... not go out on the road?"

Jace thought about it and then looked at Sunny briefly before saying, "Sounds plausible.  Most of the little places up this way are rentals or second homes.  Maybe the people that would normally been up this way couldn't make it.  Or they were evacuated before they could get here.  Everyone keep your eyes out.  If there are still people home up here they might not want strangers to come visiting uninvited."

We hadn't gone far when Sunny said, "We need to stop."

"Why?  What did you see?"


I looked at Jace but he still had the blank look of a clueless guy.  Finally I had to jab him in the ribs and give him "the look."

"Oh.  Oh!  Uh ... uh ... yeah."  He paused and asked, "Right now?"

Sunny shrugged and said, "A girl has needs."

Jace's face flamed again for some reason reminding me of Lee more than he ever had.  All the girls in school knew that Lee was very easy to embarrass; all they had to do was raise female personal hygiene issues and he would practically run or puddle if he couldn't get away fast enough.

We had only gone about twenty miles and were at this little place called Stone Lake.  Sign said there were approximately 700 year 'round residents, so when I say little I mean it was little.  But as we got out of the truck I would have said it felt more like a population of zero.  It wasn't but it felt that way.

We gave Sunny some privacy to take care of herself at a pit toilet near the lake.  She came out and we debated looking through some of the homes that we could see on the hillsides surrounding the lake.  They looked like nice places.  Many of them looked like wood chalets.

Jace sighed.  "I'd like to but it looks like snow.  We need to get as far as we can.  I don't want to get snowed in while we are still on the road."

I looked at Jace.  "Snowed in?  You mean we could get stuck someplace before we get to Singing Waters?!"

He nodded.  "That's exactly what I mean.  Let's get in the truck."  He turned to Sunny and asked with a squeak in his voice, "You OK to go?"

She nodded.  "Geez.  It's just girl stuff.  Don't flip a switch.  Let's go.  Now that I'm outta that smelly out house I can even smell the snow on the wind.  Can't you?"

I couldn't but Jace nodded like he knew exactly what she was talking about.  As a matter of fact I still couldn't smell anything.  If I had ... if I only had.

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