Saturday, August 9, 2014

Part 35

I knew it has been a while since I've written but I hadn't really paid attention to how long until I thought about writing tonight.  I took a look at my homemade calendar to put the date and the top of the page and just about freaked.  Two weeks.  We've been parked in this area for two whole weeks.  I was just about ready to pick up and leave on my own when Jace and Sunny stopped ... well, I'm not sure what they've been up to and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.  Although I must admit the time hasn't been completely wasted.

Jace decided he could kill two birds with one stone - figuritively anyway - and started teaching both Sunny and I those survival skills he was going to teach just me.  We've been doing a little bit of everything ... fishing, orienteering, and hunting.  Fishing was a no brainer for me and we ate fish almost every day at one or two meals.  I'd catch it and clean it and Sunny would cook it.  I didn't complain, she really is a good cook.  Since she seemed to be determined that she couldn't bake anything, in exchange for her teaching me how she did fish I taught her to make cornmeal patties ... they look like cornmeal pancakes ... so that she could have her bread without having to do any baking.  She was so happy she jumped around and fell on top of Jace who had been sitting by the fire thinking.  Instead of getting mad like I thought he would he actually laughed.  Right there I started being more careful around Sunny.  Jace didn't seem to notice what she was doing at the time, just looked on her being like I kid I guess.  But I sure noticed.  I'm still not sure what to think about it.

I never said anything, Jace is old enough that he shouldn't need my help to figure that sort of stuff out but it gave me the heebies.  I know it sounds selfish; it did in my head and does even more written out here on this page.  But I wonder now that Jace and Sunny have hooked up, where does that leave me?  Three is a crowd in the front of a pick up truck.

Mostly I've been too busy though to worry that much.  It will be what it will be; I learned that bit of philosophical junk in the city.  Besides Jace hasn't exactly given me a lot of reason to worry; at least not so far as I can tell.  Then again for the last three nights he's said things like "you're a little too young to understand blah, blah, blah" and I'm thinking that Sunny has finally managed to get what she was after.  They'd stay up late sitting practically on top of each other no matter how long I took to go get in the back end of the truck.

Enough of that.  No sense in worrying about what I can't change.

Besides fishing and cooking Jace has been going over our orienteering skills.  I know what those are after having to listen to Toddie and his friends as they earned their Boy Scout patches.  As many times as they used to take me to the park and "lose" me so they could "find" me ... when they remembered to do the finding partof course ... it didn't take me long to pick up that stuff either.  Knots were easy as well.  Toddie and his friends used to tie me up plenty when they "lost" me in the park.  They said it was so I wouldn't move around and really get lost but I heard Dad give Toddie a long lecture about his meanness too often to know there wasn't more to it than that.  I suppose I was too dumb of a little sister to tell Toddie no when he would get up to mischief so Dad did what he could and taught me how to escape.  That pretty much ended Toddie's reign of terror in my life.  Apparently it's no fun when your victim doesn't need rescuing anymore.

Then there were the hunting lessons Jace gave.  Definitely more of a challenge for me, and kinda frustrating.  I had down the moving around quietly and tying the right kind of knots for the traps.  It was knowing where to set the traps that I had to learn.  Sunny had Jace to help her every time so she always seemed to get something but the one time I complained about it Jace growled at me and said that if I wanted to be self-sufficient and take care of myself I shouldn't expect him to help me the same way he was helping Sunny; that she needed him more than I did.  Maybe she does and maybe she doesn't, I haven't decided if that's true or not yet.

I'm not letting it get me down though; more like I'm using it as a learning opportunity just like with everything else.  I know he isn't being fair but I didn't agree to let him get me to Singing Waters because he is fair.  He's really good at this hunting stuff and I need to learn.  I just wish he wouldn't be so different with me than he is with her but I really don't guess I care anyway.  So long as I learn, even if it is harder to learn this way, I'm satisfied.  At least he isn't like Toddie about it and always making fun when I fail.

I am pretty sure - not positive mind you but definitely pretty sure - that Sunny isn't as slow about learning this stuff as she acts.  She can do it better, she just acts like she needs Jace, and I can see from Jace's face that in a really warped way he needs her to be that way.  Nope, Sunny may not be what you call super smart, but she is clever in ways I'm not.  More power to her I suppose.  I just hope I don't ever get to someplace where I have to act that way to get through life.

And Sunny isn't bad or anything.  I read what I just wrote and it makes her sound like a coniving and mean kind of person but she isn't.  She can actually be kinda sweet.  Trust me, after dealing with the three witches back in school I know mean and conniving.  Sunny isn't that way, at least I don't think so.  If she was a little older and mouthier she'd remind me a bit of Sherry; one of those tough on the outside but gooey on the inside kind of people.  Unfortunately for Sunny I don't think she is tough enough in the right ways.

Sunny and Sherry have the same coloring which is part of it I suppose; and Sunny is the same kinda pretty even though I think she is a little silly for putting on all of that make up when it is only going to draw biting bugs but whatever, its her skin.  There is also something similar in their attitude towards guys.  I suppose there are just things I'm not ever going to understand and one of them is girls that need guys to feel like real girls.  Should probably add to that list guys that seem to only see the girls that act all limp wristed and needy but oh well.  That's life.

Today we spent the day breaking down the last bit of the camp we've  put together and getting it packed away.  Apropos of nothing - I like that phrase by the way, my 6th grade Language Arts teacher used to use it alot - a couple of mornings ago Jace suddenly announces that we were leaving and that Sunny would be coming with us.  Well I'd kinda been wondering about what Sunny was going to do but it would still have been nice to have been asked my thoughts rather than dictated to.  On the other hand it is Jace's truck, I can't exactly pitch a fit about it but I was also told that I'd be sleeping in the cab and that they'd be sleeping the camper from here on out.

"It only makes sense DeeDee.  You're alot shorter and won't be as cramped as I was and this way I can be close by for Sunny.  She has nightmares you know."

Uh huh.  Maybe she does but then again ....

Anyway, we've spent our last couple of days bringing in all the game and fish we could smoke and dry so we'd have meat on the road.  Jace even brought in a deer but it was small and scrawny and looked like it had been living a freaked out life running from puss brains and people alike.  Jace said that is why it tasted kinda funny.  But beggars can't be choosers.  We have canned stuff but Jace said we need to save it for when there is little to no hunting that can be done.

Jace has started to say fewer "you" things and say more "us" things.  Which is good I suppose and something I have Sunny to thank for.  But I look at our supplies from a cook's eye and see that what was a lot of food for one or two, isn't going to be near as much for three (or more if Jace picks up any more strays).  I know Jace has been looking at the supplies too. We used up most of the food that Sunny had in her camp despite piecing it out with fish and stuff.  I can see that he has something on his mind.  And now instead of sleeping I'm back to wondering if what is on his mind includes me going out on my own earlier and a lot lighter than was originally planned.

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