Monday, July 21, 2014

Part 8

I said, "Hey Sarge.  I think we found some more of your shouldn't bees."

"Shut up Kid and keep your head down.  There's almost a dozen infecteds out there.  That's a big group."

"Oh that's nothing.  You should see how lively they get when they form hordes."

The puss brains suddenly rushed the guy that had stayed nearest the trucks.  Everyone else just sort of froze.  "What are you all waiting for?!" I shouted.  "He's going to get chomped it we don't do something."

"We can't shoot, we'll hit the trucks!"

"Who said anything about shooting?" I yelled and then ran outside and straight at the puss brains.

I heard someone scream but it wasn't me or the guy on the ground.

I had already taken two out with my bat when two of the soldiers came up and started helping me.  They were using those crowd control batons like my Dad used to carry with when he wore his riot gear.  We were down to one mobile puss brain when the guy that had been on the ground managed to get up and yanked my bat out of my hand and whaled on him until there wasn't a whole lot left above the shoulders.

I tapped him on the shoulder a couple of times before I finally got his attention.  "Can I have my bat back now?"

The guy collapsed back against the truck and started yanking at his shirt.  He had some kind of long sleeved shirt on under it and it yanked that one off too and started looking his his arms and the rest of him.  I got a good look too.  Wow.  Definitely closet poster material.

Then the guy starts praying.  "Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And bless the inventor of kevlar wherever he is."

I picked up my bat where the guy had dropped it and the t-shirt too which I felt and realized it felt like Dad's bullet proof vest.  I handed it to him when Lee came up and snapped, "Put your shirt on Cochran.  Stop showing off."

Cochran gave Lee an irritated look.  Before any more guy drama could start Medic Riccardo stepped between them and busted out with some orders concerning the puss brain corpses.  Then she looked at me with pinched lips but if she thought that was going to put me in my place she was sadly mistaken.  Moses was much better with the fire and brimstone than she was and I wasn't scared of her.

I walked over to find Sgt. Watson trying to get up.  "Dammit, give me a hand kid.  'Cause when I get up I'm going to bust your butt so hard you aren't going to be able to sit down for a month of Sundays."

"Yeah, yeah.  Why the freak out?"

"Why the freak out?!  You charged not one but a dozen infecteds without any protective gear on!"

"So?  They were going to chomp on that guy that fell over ... Cochran or whatever his name is."

"Everyone knows the risks when they accept an assignment to go outside the perimeter."

"I live outside your stupid perimeter so I don't know any other way.  The rule is bash or be chomped.  Moses said you don't pick fights with the puss brains but you don't let 'em chomp on a buddy either.  Safety comes in numbers.  You let all your buddies get chomped then you wind up all alone against a gazillion puss brains.  Those odds just don't work long term."

"I'm getting a little sick of hearing about what this Moses guy had to say.  If he was so great why did you leave?"

"I didn't leave, they left me.  Although I was thinking of leaving.  The men in the group were getting too ... stuff and junk."

"Stuff and ju ... er ... oh," Sgt. Watson said starting to calm down.  "Well ..."

"Deep subject."

"Smart aleck."


He sighed and shook his head and Lee came back over and asked, "What's up with you anyway?  You never did stuff like this before.  Your dad would have had a lot to say about it."

"Maybe yes and maybe no.  Zombies weren't real before.  They are now.  It was either change or get chomped.  Or have to find some man that wanted to 'protect' me.  I don't want to be chomped and I sure don't want to be protected."

Talking like he was a lot older than he is he said, "There's nothing wrong with being protected DeeDee, especially when you are small like you are."

I was mad for two whole breaths but then Sgt. Watson told Lee, "Not the kind of protection you're thinking about."

"What other kind of protection is there?"

I looked at Sgt. Watson who had an irritated look on his face and then at Lee who was truly confused.  I said, "Never mind Lee.  Guys like you and Sgt. Watson will never get it.  You're too nice."

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