Friday, July 25, 2014

Part 19

Escaping had to be the most boring thing I'd done up to that point.  It shouldn't have been but I was grateful that it was.  The warehouse district was on the north end of town which was the direction I wanted to go anyway.  I knew where I was headed.  We'd gone there every summer for as long as I could remember.  The name was the same two words I had left the Sheriff as a clue.

Singing Waters.

I had written it in pencil on the dark part of his desk blotter.  He would either see it or he wouldn't.  If he did he would have some general idea of where I meant to go.  But by the time he notices I hope I am a good ways down the road to where I'm going so he won't be tempted to try and stop me.

I've been on the road three days now with no sign of anyone following me.  The only reason I've stopped long enough to write all of this down in my notebook is because of the rain.  The rain and the puss brains.  They are in the next big town, almost a city really just not a big city, north of where I came from.  Bet their precious committee wasn't telling folks that the wall may have been keeping them temporarily safe to the south but that there looked to be a small horde forming behind them.  When I realized that I almost turned around and went back to warn the Sheriff but then stopped.

Maybe I am a bad person but when you try and tell people the truth and they refuse to believe you then at some point you have to just kind of shake it off and move on.  I was dead to them for a year.  Maybe some of them shed a tear for me or maybe they were too busy or something.  I'll have to let them go the same way.  Maybe I'll get someplace safe enough for long enough that I can cry but for now I've decided to give it up.  Kinda turning into a major waste of time.

This town is trashed almost as bad as the big city was.  Weirdly it hasn't been salvaged as far as I can tell.  There are quite a few puss brains but not so many that a decently organized group shouldn't have been able to work around them or put them out of their misery.  A grocery store that I passed by had not been completely cleaned out and it was too big a temptation not to peek.  Store was full of mice and things that eat mice but that's the only reason there wasn't more left on the shelves.

I watched the store for quite a while and realized that the puss brains considered it finger food central.  They'd go in looking hungry and come out with a handful of mice like appetizers and whatever else they could sweep off the shelves.  Yuck.  I've seen them do worse but there was something about watching a still wiggling tail hanging out of the mouth of one of the puss brains that just turned my stomach and I lost my appetite.  That didn't stop me from going in and taking cans off the shelves to add to my collection of food.  I couldn't take a lot but I did mark the place on a map I've started in case I get so desperate I need to come back this far looking for food.  I don't want to start acting like a puss brain and get so hungry I'll eat leather furniture and cotton undies.

There aren't that many stores around Singing Waters.  There are a few but they're more like tourist stops and camping and fishing supply places.  I know some of them shut down in the winter too.  Singing Waters is a campground set way back off the main highway.  I remember one year we went there for Christmas and there was so much snow on the ground that we had to leave the car at the bottom of the hill and hike up to the registration office because not even the snow chains were enough to stop us sliding.

Now that I am really on my way my one big worry is that someone is going to have beaten me to my chosen hideaway.  I don't know what I'm going to do if someone has taken over the campground.  If it is one person I'll have to see if they are crazy or not ... or one of those weirdos.  If it is a group I'll have to see if they'd let me work for a place to stay.  I won't be a slave but I don't have to be top dog.  I just want a place to stay for the winter or longer.

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